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The easiest way to grow your business is with effective copy

What I Do

I'm All About Building An Engaged Community.

I Help Companies Grow

I’ve always believed that content is more than just words on a page. It’s all about how you communicate with your customers that determines the message you send. My goal is to create authentic and actionable content that will attract higher value customers to help grow your business in a tangible way. The ability to persuade is power, and copy is at the centre of it.

How Does It Work

I Follow These 6 Effective Steps


Booking an Introduction Call

I find it best if we can connect over the phone or zoom to make sure we’re both getting the full picture and scope.


Understanding Your Business

Context is everything. If I’m going to help grow your business I first need to understand the origin story of your business, your brand purpose and mission and target audience.


Developing Full Funnel Strategy

It’s important to consider the entire marketing funnel when creating a piece of content to ensure that your message resonates at all stages of the funnel from awareness to conversion. 


Producing Amazing Content

This is where the magic happens. I produce everything from website, email or ad copy to long-form blog posts and whitepapers.


Delivering Quality Conversions

Whether it’s one line of copy to a 5,000 word article, everything I produce has a clear objective and call to action in order to optimize for conversions.


Analyzing, Testing & Improving

As part of my process, it’s very important for me to understand how each piece of content performs. We’ll work together to create a simple performance postmortem report.

Reach Out to Me

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What My Clients Say

“Michael is by far the most professional and talented copywriter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for quality content.”
Margaret Bates
“Michael is a remarkable storyteller. His ideas are always interesting and unique; he conveys his message effectively and succinctly.”
Kevin Griffin
“Michael helped us with our website copy and we saw a lift in sales by 15%. He is a very skilled and effective copywriter.”
Joe James
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